About this blog


As a personal goal, I intended to travel around the world and engage with local communities before I was 30 to obtain a greater understanding of different cultures, landscapes and languages. Consequently, after about 85 countries so far, these experiences have broadened my horizons on global opportunities that exist within varying marketplaces and their effects on economies from globalization.  In particular, technological advances have the greatest potential to change economies and also power them. Thus, IT and mobile services hold huge potential to alter the lives of millions of people both locally and abroad.

Recently, I decided to share my insights with the world after an education including a bachelor in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, combined with many years of experience in IT and a passion for technology.  As such, this blog is intended to highlight different strategic viewpoints on how managers from varying disciplines can enhance their output, align their goals and orient their departments to achieve efficiency and success.  Additionally, this blog will look at different trends, technologies and measurements companies can use to gauge issues, opportunities, implications, risks and indicators. In general, managers have to be aware of these advances and opportunities from globalization in order to respond quicker and better in an increasingly hyper-competitive marketplace.

The ultimate goal is to provide a critical analysis of different issues, related to IT and mobile technologies, while being driven by facts rather than just intuition. However, many facts have also been internalized into a form of intuition, from work experiences and through educational mediums, that may be drawn upon during certain arguments.  Thus, this blog should serve as a reference and catalyst for reflection on issues highlighted; and not as a guide. The blog will revolve around assessing marketplace opportunities, the strategies to enter markets and maximize profits, leverage assets, and the metrics to measure success.