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“”I knew Michael at Bombardier, but got to know him much better during our time at ESI and Tata Communications. Michael always delivered high quality work and his outputs were part of a team that was congratulated by Tata themselves at the end of the projects. Michael is a quick learner who easily connects with others, and has excellent analytic and personal skills. Always a team player, Michael has personally shown tremendous growth over the past few years and I can see how his intelligence and skills will bring lead him to bigger and better things.

I always seek for hiring and/or developing talented individuals. In that respect Michael has demonstrated maturity. engagement and adaptability to very important technology challenges. His dedication to the team allowed us to deliver significant results in a very competitive environment. It was a pleasure to work with Michael and I recommend him to any company within the technology sectors.””

Michel Masson, Director of ITP Program, ESI Technologies and TATA Communications Ltd. (fka VSNL), May 30, 2011

“Michael Moreyne and I worked together on numerous projects at Bombardier, ESI and Tata Communications. Over the years that I have known Michael, he has demonstrated the necessary leadership to get results done through empowerment, motivating others and handling stressful situations. Michael is a very good communicator and his presentations were always well composed and delivered. During projects at Bombardier, Michael’s analytical and detail oriented approach quickly earned him recognition, and he became the representative for the Service Desk in the international Change Advisory Board meetings to assess the impacts on IT systems during weekly changes. While working for me at Tata Communications, I left him in charge of numerous projects involving the service management, reporting, and change management integrating these systems with existing ones. Michael also designed and led a team at Tata on his projects and completed the project on time and within scope and budget. Michael is a very likeable individual who I believe has great potential in all his future endeavours. I would be happy to work with Michael again in the future, and I certainly recommend him for a position in business development or strategy within the technology sector.”

Thi-Quan Tan, Director of Enterprise Systems Management, ESI Technologies and TATA Communications Ltd. (fka VSNL), May 27, 2011

“I worked with Michael on a project at Bombardier and was so impressed with his skills and team player attitude that I requested he help join us during our projects at Tata Communications while consulting there. He has great analytic skills, he learns fast and is able to handle diverse situations due to his flexible and easy-going character. Michael’s quality outputs where highly appreciated by the clients, and he always demonstrated his professionalism in all projects. I would highly recommend Michael in other consulting projects within the technology sector.”

Gilles Charland, Senior IT Consultant, TATA Communications Ltd. (fka VSNL), June 16, 2011

“I worked with Mike on a large IT Transformation Program and he performed great on his job as he was able to see things through from end to end. He is a thorough professional, thorough thinker and a great team player. We worked together as a team and I have taken a lot of inputs from him for my portions.
He solved lot of complex issues, even with numerous roadblocks during the project, and the system he developed is still being used today (3 years later) by a huge number of users.
Mike is an awesome communicator, great listener and I was amazed to know that he can speak so many languages so fluently and this quality helps him mix easily with people and win them over.
He has great leadership qualities and plans his tasks very well. Also, he has traveled a lot, is well read and has a lot of cross-cultural knowledge: these qualities will surely help him make quick strategic decisions while keeping all environmental variables in mind.
Overall, he is a great person to work with and I strongly recommend Michael as a manager, co-worker or for any leadership role.”

Ramanan Kannan, I.T Analyst, TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), November 18, 2010

“Michael and I worked in a team on several projects, one of which was to develop additional documentation on software designed, created and managed by Go-Logix. The company made the right choice assigning Michael to write the documentation as he picked up all new technical terms so fast that I had no problem explaining him even the most complex and tricky parts of the system. Also, he has an ability to explain technical knowledge in easy to understand and human-oriented format, resulting in well designed and structured documentation.
At the same time Michael is a really good team player and manager. He can easy find “common language” with everyone.”

Eugene Sukharev, Software Developer, Go-Logix Inc., November 2, 2010

“Working with Michael was one of the most fulfilling experience for me. His sense of leadership and his ability to motivate people helped us move forward during difficult situations. Being a good communicator, Michael is able to easily connect with others, and mostly customers (of all kinds). It has always been a pleasure and priviledge to work on technicial projects with Michael, where success was assured! Michael is a detail oriented person and he is very good at recognizing patterns and trends. He understand business implications like no one else. I strongly recommend anyone to work with Michael, I can assure you won’t regret it. ”

Geraldine Ferraro, Business Analyst, Bombardier Aerospace, May 25, 2011

“I worked with Michael extensively during our MBA at Intituto de Empresa. During the first term we were assigned to the same study-group. I can honestly say that Michael was a great asset to our team as he provided a combination of quantitative and qualitative skills. His engineering background proved extremely helpful in multiple situations. He was also instrumental in mediating various group frictions. I would say that he is someone that people tend to naturally trust. He also surprised me frequently by his ability to quickly understand complex assignments and being able to provide a road-map for the team to follow. I believe that this characteristic and his “likeability” made him to take on, naturally, a leadership role. I can also remember more than one occasion when he volunteered to hold special study sessions where he would tutor other students in our class that were falling behind a particularly difficult quantitative class. I would strongly recommend Michael to whomever, as I consider him to be one of my most promising classmates. I am certain he will excel in all endeavors that he may wish to pursue.”

Talia Durand Neuhaus, IE (Instituto de Empresa), November 8, 2010

“Michael has one of the sharpest, most analytical minds of our MBA class. I am constantly impressed by the quality of his work (at times, close to perfection!) and always challenged by his intelligent, well-thought out arguments. Michael really stands out among his peers because of his unique way of getting his points across while still encouraging teamwork, collaboration and excellent communication. Michael’s well rounded skill set also transfers to his public speaking ability, as he is able to capture his audience’s attention with an impressive combination of wit and grace. His deep knowledge of the operations and inner workings of an organization, combined with his unique sensibility towards the management of people makes him an invaluable asset for any organization. It was a pleasure to work with Michael during our MBA at IE, and I would be honored to be able to do so again in the future.”

Laura Cantero,  Instituto de Empresa Business School, November 5, 2010

“Michael is a very intelligent guy that makes handling multiple complicated tasks at once look easy. He is an extremely fast learner that combines attention to details with an ability to see the big picture. In our work together Michael always delivered before deadlines and at the same time demonstrated flexibility and adaptability when changes were necessary. Together with his impressive analytical skills, Michael has also shown more than once that he is a true leader. He is very likeable and people follow him naturally. He communicates well and motivates others while maintaining a friendly work environment. I would love to have the opportunity to work with Michael again, as I believe he is a valuable asset to any organization.”

Tom Shenhav, IE (Instituto de Empresa), November 2, 2010

“When Michael works, you can expect things to be done properly, with diligence, and accuracy. Michael has this special gift to make people feel they have found the idea, and that hence would give it all without actually realizing they got empowered. This is to a certain extent a good proof of leadership. On top of being a classmate Michael is a true professional on whom you can count on. My respect to the way he works and treats people even led us to become good friends. A great professional, respectful and efficient to be with.”

Sokho TRINH, IE (Instituto de Empresa), November 1, 2010

“I mainly knew Micheal through friends during the course of the MBA. I was delighted to finally share a class with him during our elective period, and was eager to work with him as many fellow students mentioned his capabilities. We were a team of four working on a mock consulting project for a social venture in crisis. It was by far one of the most pleasant, rewarding and successful projects during my MBA. His organizational ability and team orientation really set the tone for the rest of the group As a natural strategist, he helped guide brainstorming discussions for us to collectively find good solutions to the various issues this company was experiencing. Micheal is able to see how larger picture aspects will effect different areas of a business, and he is very articulate. He is a very fair, balanced, and confident person with the ability to get results from his team. Our project included a written report as well as a ppt, and his attention to detail was very appreciated in polishing the final project. Overall, I highly recommend Micheal to any company who is looking for someone who achieves high quality results effectively both in groups and individually, can work in diverse and even conflicted situations, and is a great communicator with creative solutions.”

Katherine Walker, Operations Manager, Walker Station Vineyards, November 1, 2010