About Author: Michael Moreyne

Being half Greek, let me start off with a well known riddle once posed at the Oracle of Delphi: “What has four legs in the morning, two legs during the day, and three at night?” The riddle serves as a metaphor for the changes we all encounter during our growth as individuals throughout the course of our lifetime. In particular, while growing up, we all develop nicknames that describe our character traits highlighted during different stages in our lives. Each nickname can also be replaced by words that define our personality, and are accumulated rather than lost over time. As a child, I could describe myself as "curious and creative;" always challenging myself with discovery either through education or through action. I enjoy everything that is constructive and creative to test the boundaries and imagine new outputs and scenarios. As an adolescent, I would describe myself as "analytical" especially psychological and socio-analytical; trying to determine why humans behave in certain ways. Through thought experiments I challenge people around me, and consequently developed tactics to pose the right questions to understand the root cause of issues encountered. As a young adult, I was defined as “driven,” often being given the nickname “Hardcore” for an ability and willingness to always put in the extra effort, especially during my Electrical Engineering bachelor's degree program at McGill University. A dedication to Kaizan and continual learning kept me busy with work and personal ambitions, resulting in rapid career promotions, learning multiple languages(English and French fluently, intermediate Italian and Spanish, and basic German, Greek and Portuguese) and engaging with varying cultures and characters. Finally, as an adult I am still shaping key terms to define me during this stage of my life. Some words like “adventurous” but also “community” would define my current stage. I grew tremendously as an individual from challenges and travels throughout the globe (over 85 countries) by putting myself in uncomfortable situations. The MBA program in the prestigious and top ranked international school Instituto de Empresa (IE) was an indescribable growth experience. As a particular character trait, I am one to search for commonalities and generalities that could help to explain laws or theories, and this mentality has helped me connect with people and communities on both a personal level and globally. In some ways, I believe we are all connected; technology is helping to enhance this aspect of our lives and I want to be a part of this continual process. Join me on this adventure of discovery and improvement both for ourselves and our communities.

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